Netizens slam Etta Ng for asking for help via YouTube

30 Apr –18-year-old Etta Ng and her Insta-famous girlfriend Andi Autumn was recently slammed for their decision to go on YouTube to air their grief with homelessness.

Etta, known to many as the love child of action star Jackie Chan and former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, took to the video-sharing website to air her and Andi's grievances, saying, "Hi, I'm Jackie Chan's daughter, Etta, and this is my girlfriend, Andi. We've been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We've pretty much slept under a bridge and other things."

Andi shared that they have asked for help from friends and family members, and was told to go to shelters for assistance instead.

"[...] They know we will be split up, we will be split up if we go to any kind of government facilities and no one in my Facebook is going to listen to me and now no one is responding to my phone calls," she added.

Etta, who seemed to refer to some notes as she spoke to the camera, said that she didn't know what was going on, saying "We've gone to the police, the hospital, food banks, LGBT community, shelters, and all of them just don't give a [profanity]. So that's why we're making this video. We don't know what to do at this point."

Andi and Etta stated that they hope that people will help share the video, and show the world that people are allegedly trying to split them up.

Netizens who saw the video quickly expressed anger towards the couple, saying that both of them are adults, especially the 30-year-old Andi, who could find a job instead of relying on other people's assistance. Some also expressed pity for Etta's mother Elaine, who has been shamed by her daughter, and urged Etta to leave Andi and return home to her concerned mother.

It is noted that Etta was in school before she decided to quit and moved in with her Instagram model girlfriend. Prior to her YouTube video, it was revealed that her mother Elaine Ng had filed a missing person report after finding out that Etta had quit her job and was unreachable by family and friends.

Soon after, the media published a CCTV footage that showed Etta at a store in Canada with Andi - telling the cashier that she is looking for her father. Elaine's good friend and former actress Sharon Kwok had since lambasted the couple's decision, saying that Etta's Canadian girlfriend has been a bad influence on her life.

It is also noted that the video is in contrary to Etta's past interviews, where she told the media that she was not interested to get acquainted with her superstar father, who was never involved in her or her mother's life.

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