Never-before-seen photos of Heath Ledger DJ'ing a house party will just make you miss him more

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Heath Ledger will be the subject of an upcoming exhibit by photographer Ben Watts. (Photo: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

We are still learning new things about Heath Ledger — 10 years after his tragic passing.

Celebrity photographer Ben Watts shared never-before-seen photos of the late actor, who died from an accidental drug overdose at age 28 in January 2008, ahead of an exhibit he’s having this summer of photos he took of the late movie star. The black-and-white shots, shared Thursday on Instagram, showed the Brokeback Mountain and Dark Knight star DJ’ing a party at his home in Los Angeles.

Click through the photos, taken by professional photographer Ben Watts, to see all five of them.

Here you see Heath in headphones, hamming it up behind a record, and picking out the next songs for his partygoers.

Maybe you were aware that the Australian actor liked to control the tunes — not too long ago, Sienna Miller told us a story about Heath DJ’ing Venice boat rides while filming Casanova — but Watts recalled that Ledger “also liked chess & arm wrestling.”

Model Helena Christensen, who was romantically linked to Ledger in the media but always maintained that they were just friends, commented on Watt’s post that Ledger liked to play chess with her son, who’s now 18. An old People magazine article talks about Ledger being part of the Washington Square Park chess world in NYC, where he’d play in the early mornings for a few dollars. He had told, “I’ve played since I was a kid. I play at least one game a day.”

As for Ledger’s love of arm wrestling, well, it seems to run in the family. While promoting Brokeback Mountain, he talked about how his character, Ennis, was inspired by an uncle, Neil Bell, who was bisexual. Bell was also the the president of the Australian Arm Wrestling Federation and an accomplished bare-knuckle fighter.

Another of Ledger’s hobbies was photography. Many of his personal photos and videos appeared in the 2017 documentary I Am Heath.

Watts, a highly accomplished photographer, is the brother of actress Naomi Watts, who dated Ledger for a few years prior to his relationship with Michelle Williams. He’s shared several of his photo sessions with Ledger through the years, showing him skateboarding and just being cool.

Some more of Watts’s photographs of Heath Ledger:

Watts, who shot the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, is having a low-key exhibit of his Ledger photos this summer in Montauk, N.Y. Details about when and where will be announced soon, so watch his Instagram and website.

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