New integrated shield policyholders will have to pay part of medical bills: Gan Kim Yong

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    These Government has to be voted out at all cost
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    Mr Gan, why not make it only 1 Shield?

    We are One Singapore Shield?!
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    Wah, no more enrollment to the insurance for entitlement of $8 heart operation liao.
    Only the privilege few can enjoy these benefits. Ah cow can tell stories liao.
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    When KBW was health minister, he paying only $8 for his heart bypass was not a problem. Now when common Singaporeans play the health/insurance rider system, it becomes a problem. Another example of Only Can Have White Monkey Business.
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    As things go by, when a healthy insured person gets along, he gets no rebates for staying healthy....which is why when he gets ill, he opts for the most expensive private medical care....after all he has been paying full price for it for a long time. Will the insurance companies care to comment that they should give back rebates to those who deserved them or keep everything and asked for more.....and more..with the kind of mentality, they have, anyone can be seemed to set up an insurance company, for when the time comes to paying out, he will ask the customer to pay without any commitment from him and when the premiums comes along, he gets to keep them this the kind of industry worth supporting if they chose to fleece the public instead of providing adequate protection in times of need.....
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    Everything the Government wants to be involved like we don’t know how to take care of us? What’s the point of buying insurance? Then why Government push us to buy insurance to cover us until 90 years old BY ORDER.
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    Sir Gaga
    “The zero co-payment feature of full-riders pushes up overall healthcare costs in Singapore. Over-consumption, over-servicing and over-charging of healthcare services will lead to faster and larger increases in medical costs,” said the ministry.

    Did MOH dig deeper to find out if it is the doctors who are the culprits? Did MOH realise nowadays, most doctors (especially in private practice) practice defensive medicine - meaning they rather err on the side of caution and order a full suite of medical checks, tests and procedures for their patients - knowing their patients can claim from insurance?

    Could any ordinary man in the street knows what medical tests and procedures to undertake when he/she is hospitalized - such that he/she orders the most expensive medical treatments available, as if he/she is on a buying spree in a branded goods outlet ? So isn't it unfair that the ordinary folks are deemed culpable and thus, slapped with increase insurance costs, when he said “It undermines the co-payment principle and dilutes the personal responsibility to choose appropriate and necessary care. This will encourage unnecessary treatment, leading to rising healthcare costs, not only for those with such riders, but for all of us,”

    By the way, why is it so urgent to take effect immediately as if some insurance companies had gone bankrupt because of it? Why is there no public consultation and gathering of feedback from public (which is also an important stakeholder) on this issue?
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    Hi ! For those that have existing riders had paid forward. SO...saying no payment is absolutely inappropraite. This is what insurance is all about : Paying forward. ! Going forward, for existing Rider must remain as its a commercial contract that exist in the material time. To renegade on the contract may lead to class action.! This is the fundamental rule of all contract and must be upheld in a lawful and meaning way. !
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    Thank you! the 70% Singaporean who voted Pay And Pay. How that you see the true colour of the MIW! Everything has, or becoming more and more expensive. Hope you are happy with this, and don't grumble. Only the 30% who did not vote them can grumble.
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    The thousands of senior citizens sum it all, it is better to die than seek medical help in Singapore. Why? .. because it is too expensive. Many ordinary Singaporean would have died instantly or paralysed permanently if he or she had been in Heng Siew Keat's condition.
    Does anyone know how much it cost him or the taxpayers' to keep him alive? If it doesn't cost much, I want to go for my MRI scan.
    I paid $363 in cash after a government subsidy for my CT scan but opted to "cabut" (Run for my life) when the doctor suggested MRI which cost many times more. What to do, not rich or important as some people in White uniform. I will just pray and hope for the best and like many other ordinary senior citizens would have said in Hokkien, "Bo pian, tan sie nia nia"