New 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' trailer: Kevin Hart rides an elephant — and Dwayne Johnson — through a video-game adventure

Jumanji isn’t a board game anymore, and that means there are new rules to follow. For example, don’t give Kevin Hart cake. The second trailer for Sony’s action-comedy Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (in theaters Dec. 20) nods to the classic children’s book that inspired the story, about an adventure-themed board game that invades the real world. “Who plays board games anymore?” a teenage character asks, shelving the box (which looks much like it did in the previous 1995 film adaptation of Jumanji, starring Robin Williams). As the trailer explains, the board game sat unplayed for years, and through its magical powers, transformed into something more appealing to today’s high school kids: a video game.

In the new film, four high school students stumble on the game, and are stunned to find themselves occupying the jungle world as the digital avatars they’ve chosen. The popular, social-media-obsessed girl becomes Jack Black, who gets lines such as “I like, can’t even with this place.” The misfit girl becomes the butt-kicking Karen Gillan; the nerdy boy becomes superhero-like Dwayne Johnson; and the football star becomes Hart, who’s so small he has to get a lift around the jungle from Johnson (or, as seen the trailer, an elephant). Also, his weakness is cake — which he should keep in mind, because as the characters discover, they each have only three lives to live. Watch the new trailer above.

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