Newlywed actress Elfira Loy criticised on social media for lack of kitchen skills

Tan Mei Zi
Elfira Loy’s candid confession has drawn criticism from social media users. — Image via Instagram/elfiraloy

PETALING JAYA, May 21 — Actress Elfira Loy is on the receiving end of criticism on social media after confessing she had no idea how to gut and clean a fish.

A recent post on the star of Qalesya‘s Instastory showed her husband Muhammad Faris Khairol Anuar helping out with the task and her confession, immediately leading to a wave of comments with regards to her apparent lack of culinary finesse.



The confession has also sparked a debate on social media about the gender roles of  a husband and wife when it comes to cooking for the family.

Twitter user flwrhateyou said that if one wanted to get married, “mastering the basics” when it comes to cooking should be a priority.



Another user with the handle kem4r said it was a shame for the couple to host lavish wedding ceremonies when Elfira didn’t even know how to cook properly.



Others jumped to the 25-year-old’s defence saying that it was an old-fashioned idea to expect a wife to be a perfect cook in this day and age.

Among the many was NabellaAnuar who called on other women to stop bashing Elfira, saying it was no big deal when you could easily ask a fishmonger to clean and slice the fish for you.






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