Newlyweds hit by disastrous wedding photos with overexposed and unflattering shots

Another day, another wedding photo album disaster. It’s been a good two years since this hilarious botching up of wedding shots, but now there’s a new couple that had a brush with atrocious photography.

Sure, the pictures received by newlywed Ivan Tan aren’t as bad as the legendary 2016 fiasco, but they’re pretty shoddy nonetheless. Three months after his wedding, Tan took to Facebook in exasperation to post about the substandard services provided by a photography company they hired. Blaming themselves for the mistake of not perusing through the company’s portfolio, Tan was disappointed that the $2,700 he paid for their services was not worth all the overexposed, unflattering and misaligned shots.

Photo: Ivan Tan / Facebook
Photo: Ivan Tan / Facebook
Photo: Ivan Tan / Facebook

“All these overexposed (pictures) are good? We can hardly see our faces. We can’t even see clearly our bodies. We literally look like ghost,” Tan wrote, explaining that they had traveled all the way to the vicinity of the Singapore Flyer and spent nearly two hours under the scorching sun. There was a confusing choice of making the newlyweds pose against a staircase.

Looks like someone’s trying to escape the atrocious photo. Photo: Ivan Tan / Facebook
“Our memory with a flight of stairs~” Photo: Ivan Tan / Facebook

“The magic question is — do they even know how to use the camera? If one (doesn’t) even have the knowledge of camera setting adjustment with respect to the environment, do you even call yourselves photographers?”

Tan also took issue with how the photographer allegedly failed to make the newlyweds look remotely good.

‘What’s the issue?’

Surprisingly, the company’s chief photographer didn’t find anything wrong with the quality of the pictures, claimed Tan. The chief photographer even shot back that the man assigned to shoot Tan’s big day is a “top photographer” who already shot over 10 weddings. (Ed: In the wedding photo game, 10 wedding is not a lot.)

That “top photographer” however was slammed by Tan for lacking basic skills in photography.

“Angles, lighting, directing your subjects to get the best shots. Our photographer did way lesser than the bare minimum of the above. Instead of being apologetic for their incompetence, they criticized the subject (my wife and I) and the environment for the bad photos.”

According to Tan, the company even claimed that they already tried their best to edit and salvage the pictures, but as the newlywed rightly pointed out, it wouldn’t need saving if the photographer actually knew how to shoot properly in the first place. But what’s done is done, and the man ended his rant by encouraging other couples to be aware of the company’s alleged inadequacy.

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