Nexplay Tempest defeat DR Hellcats to win FSL Wild Rift Open

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(Photo: FSL Mobile Games Facebook)
(Photo: FSL Mobile Games Facebook)

Nexplay Tempest, Nexplay Esports' all-female team, swept DR Hellcats, DR Esports' female team, in the all-Filipino grand finals of the first-ever FSL Wild Rift Open on Sunday (18 April) to claim the tournament's grand prize of SG$250 and 5,000 Wild Cores.

Both teams outlasted 30 other female Wild Rift squads to meet in the grand finals. Nexplay Tempest went through Ardent Esports, Elvo Oleanders, RTZ Underank Athena, and Space Gamer Kallyx to reach the finals, losing only one game to RTZ Underank Athena on their way there. 

Meanwhile, DR Hellcats swept through the likes of Team BUBBLEGUM, GANK AMORY, and Monochrome Aracelli to face Nexplay Tempest for the championship.

The finals started with Nexplay Tempest on Blue side with Pantheon, Lux, Xin Zhao, Camille, and Draven while DR Hellcats were on Red with Corki, Fiora, Galio, Jarvan IV, and Ezreal.

Both teams on relatively even footing until for much of the early game, but DR Hellcats looked to be in control after they broke into NX’s base through the top lone at the 9-minute mark then won a big team fight not long after.

Despite being on the back foot, Nexplay Tempest were able to repeatedly defend their base from 10 minutes of relentless assault from DR Hellcats, sparking a comeback and letting them steal the game away after 21 minutes of action.

DR Hellcats looked to bounce back in game two on Blue side with Alistar, Wukong, Yasuo, Orianna, and Darius while Nexplay Tempest on Red had Fiora, Corki, Janna, Kennen, and Xin Zhao.

In stark contrast to game one, Nexplay Tempest were in control early on with an 8-3 kill lead six minutes in. While DR Hellcats relentlessly chipped away at their lead, Nexplay Tempest simply continued to build on their early advantage to snowball to victory after 16 minutes and take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series.

With their backs against the wall, DR Hellcats on Red side picked up Corki, Darius, Braum, Diana, and Jarvan IV while Nexplay Tempest on Blue countered with Janna, Fiora, Ezreal, Camille, and Gragas. 

Game three was a much slower affair compared to the last two games, as it took five minutes for Nexplay Tempest to score first blood in a three-for-one trade that gave them control of the Cloud Dragon. 

While DR Hellcats were able to equalise things by winning a couple of skirmishes around the 8-minute mark, Nexplay Tempest secured control of the map objectives and started amassing a gold lead to start sieging their opponents' base. 

Despite DR Hellcats' best efforts to defend, Nexplay Tempest were able to wear down their lines and take the win after 18 minutes of action to become the first-ever FSL Wild Rift Open champions.

Despite their loss, DR Hellcats still walk away with SG$125 and 3,000 Wild Cores in consolation. Space Gamer Kallyx also took home SG$75 and 1,500 Wild Cores for placing third while Monochrome Aracelli earn SG$50.

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