The next 992 Porsche 911 GTS spied in spectacular green paint

Zac Palmer
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At this point, we’ve seen a whole lot of different 992 generation Porsche 911s. However, we’re still missing all the extra spicy versions. One of those is the 911 GTS, which, to keep the metaphor rolling, is a medium spice level Porsche 911. Porsche cranks everything up a little bit further than a Carrera S, and you get a slightly massaged exterior look, too. 

This extremely green 992 GTS tester caught our eye immediately, especially since Porsche mailed it in on the camouflage today. The mismatched wheels and lack of a GTS model designation on the rear end are the only couple of details that make any attempts at a disguise. Those wheels are one of the giveaways that this car is a GTS model. They use center-locking lugs, a characteristic of the GTS that we’re accustomed to seeing along with other high-performance 911s. We’re also getting a good look at a blacked-out exterior package on this GTS. The taillights are a smoky dark gray; it has dark-finished exhaust tips, and the roof is a contrasting black, too. These dark trim finishes are normal to see on the GTS model. We’re missing the big GTS side sill stickers, but those will certainly come when the car is officially revealed.

The last GTS had 30 more horsepower than a Carrera S, so expect a similar bump in power for this version, too — the current 911 Carrera S makes 443 horsepower. It’ll be running with a higher-output version of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six in the 992. Like before, we’re guessing that the GTS will come outfitted with many of the desirable performance and appearance options that are available on the Carrera S. We’ll take ours in this screaming green paint. With next to no camouflage concealing this tester, watch out for a GTS reveal coming soon as Porsche slowly rolls out the rest of the 992 lineup.

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