Next-Generation Volkswagen Golf Evolving into a More “Upscale” Vehicle

Cherryl Anne Cruz

Nowadays, we’ve been hearing lots of talks about the Volkswagen Golf being replaced by models that are more “suited perfectly for the Asian market.” And just when it’s starting to slowly sink into our systems, we suddenly got the news about Volkswagen’s newest plan for Golf: move it just below the luxury segment market to compete with the big-timers Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Is it a wise move? We think so. According to Volkswagen, this strategic move is a way to entice car buyers who are downsizing their BMW 3- Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class to more affordable yet “high-quality” vehicles. So what this means is Golf still retains it competitive pricing, yet will offer more luxurious and completely digital interiors, elegant features, good fuel economy, and bigger spaces to compete (almost) side-by-side with the 3-Series and C-Class.

The Mk8, which would be the name of the next-generation Golf, will start its production in less than a year. Volkswagen is also busy creating a more refined and unique look for Golf, so expect it to look “distinguished” with a  “more chiseled look” than its predecessors. So enough of the cutesy stuff here; it’s now a a refined, grown-up who can bench-press 500-lbs. while drinking Tieguanyin Tea on the side. Oh, and don’t forget the swagger after each sip.

One thing you should also look forward to the next-generation Golf (specifically its performance models Golf R and Golf GTI ) is its engine. It will be the first Volkswagen model to offer a 48 mild-hybrid powertrain.

So there you have it–just when we thought we’d be saying our final adieus to Golf, here we are anticipating what it would look like in its newest evolution. Volkswagen hasn’t given any details about its release yet, but we hope it will be soon.

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