NFL draft betting: 49ers fans take heart, odds on Mac Jones at No. 3 finally dipped a bit

Frank Schwab
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For a moment, it looked like the odds on Mac Jones going third overall to the San Francisco 49ers would continue to drop until draft day. 

Jones was obviously not even on the radar for No. 3 until the 49ers traded up to that spot, and reports leaked that they wanted the Alabama quarterback. That shocked everyone, but there was a steady drumbeat of reports indicating it was true. Jones had plus-odds to go No. 3 until last week, when they dove all the way to -200 at BetMGM. Then there was another drop to -300. 

49ers fans aren't on board with Jones at No. 3, let's say. They've been inventing theories as to why the 49ers would put out bad information about Jones, or how those reports were wrong. 

The 49ers fans who aren't thrilled about the Jones possibility can be happy that at least the betting market on Jones at No. 3 corrected a bit. 

Will Mac Jones be the 49ers' pick? (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)
Will Mac Jones be the 49ers' pick? (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

Odds on 49ers picking Mac Jones drop

In BetMGM's NFL draft props, Jones going with the third overall pick moved from -300 to -200. 

That still means Jones at third overall is the betting favorite, and a pretty heavy one. But at least the odds haven't continued to move toward the territory of Trevor Lawrence at No. 1 (-10000) or Zach Wilson at No. 2 (all the way down to -2500). 

Here were the odds as of Wednesday morning at BetMGM

(BetMGM screen shot)
(BetMGM screen shot)

Justin Fields is this year's player who gets inexplicably ripped before the draft, and everyone is moving him down mock drafts. We'll see if the Fields criticism is based in any reality. If you aren't buying Jones at No. 3 and think there's something to the anti-Fields sentiment, perhaps Trey Lance at +450 is the play. 

But at least there's a little more intrigue than there was when the week started. 

Could the 49ers pick Justin Fields instead? 

The odds movement could be due to the 49ers going to Fields' second pro day on Wednesday. That seems to mean little; the 49ers should want to gather information whenever they can, even if their hearts are set on Jones. It's not like they have more important things going on than watching a top prospect who they should at least be considering. It doesn't mean they're going to draft Fields (the Jets are going to be at Fields' pro day too and nobody is reacting to that). But who knows? 

The draft is full of misinformation. It doesn't make sense that the 49ers would be leaking out false information. They're not trying to get anyone to trade up. They know the first two picks of the draft. It doesn't behoove them in any way to let anyone know they're interested in Jones third overall. It would just be a weird lie to watch the reaction, perhaps. 

There's still a couple more weeks to debate the 49ers' third pick. And plenty of time for the odds to keep changing. 

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