Nicky Wu blasted fraud and infertility claims

20 Apr - After previously releasing a statement denying rumours of wife Cecilia Liu's infidelity, actor-producer Nicky Wu recently made another statement through his company to address two other allegations against him.

As reported on China Times, tabloids recently claimed that the actor may be infertile, which is why he and Cecilia have yet to have their own child after three years of marriage.

It was also alleged that his company, Jiangsu Straw Bear Films Ltd was involved in investment fraud, and that it has failed to pay its actors' fee.

On 17 April, Nicky released a statement, saying that reports about his company's investment fraud and his infertility have severely damaged his reputation. He emphasised that all of the rumours are false and that he will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against those who spread these defamatory statements.

Nicky also demanded for the removal of false reports and for social media platforms to shut down accounts responsible for spreading such false claims.

(Photo source: Liberty Times Net)