Nicole Kidman Had the Best Response When Her Co-Star's Daughter Refused to Shake Her Hand

"You do whatever you want to do."

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Nicole Kidman is a queen who supports other women in her industry (see: her friendships with fellow wildly successful moguls Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts). On Sunday, the Oscar-winning actress championed a young lady at the premiere of her new series, Expats.

In a now viral video, Kidman can be seen meeting her co-star Brian Tee's daughter, Madelyn Skyler, on the red carpet. The adorable video, shot by InStyle, captures the sweet moment that Kidman stretches out her hand to shake Madelyn's hand. Madelyn decides to keep her hand to herself (Perhaps a result of being raised in the era of COVID?) and Kidman truly had the best response.

“Hi, how divine you look," she said to the youngster. "No, won’t shake your hand? She’s like, No thank you!” Tee chimes in and tells Madelyn that it's OK for her to shake his co-star's hand, but Kidman insists on respecting the little one's boundaries.

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"You don’t have to, no you do whatever you want to do," she told Madelyn. "It’s all about you, babes."

Fans applauded Kidman's kindness in the comments section, with one user writing, "I love that she honored the child’s boundary!" Another gushed, "She is STUNNING! also her reaction is giving QUEEN mom❤️❤️❤️."

In addition to Kidman and Tee, Expats also stars Jack Huston, Sarayu Blue, Ji-young Yoo, Ruby Ruiz, and Amelyn Pardenilla. The series, which follows a group of women living in Hong Kong, premieres Jan. 26 on Prime Video.

Speaking of her female friendships, Kidman also spoke to Variety about the status of the highly anticipated season 3 of Big Little Lies at the event.

"Well, Reesey and I have been at work on it. We’re texting everyday, and there’s timeline and we’re doing it," she said, though she remained tight-lipped about any details surrounding the project. "No, we’re not saying anything more! I’m like, we got to start keeping our mouths shut," she said with a laugh. "We gotta button it!”

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