Nicole Kidman’s Cooking Segment on ‘Ellen’ Was Full of Double-Entendres and Shade

Abby West
Senior Editor

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis‘s cooking segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday has had people talking, more for the banter than the food, as host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Nicole Kidman could barely contain themselves. First, there was a not-so-subtle sexual reference, and then came Kidman’s blunt critique of one prepared dish.

As the chef directed Ellen to scoop out some risotto and then roll it to form balls, the comedian-host looked perplexed. De Laurentiis asked her if she’d made any kind of balls before, at which point the three women tried very hard not to dissolve into fits of laughter.

DeGeneres, who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of her groundbreaking coming-out TV episode, laughed and mugged for the camera. De Laurentiis quickly turned to Kidman, who was also cracking up, and said, “This is a family show.”

Next they moved on to focaccia pizza, but Kidman quickly let it be known she wasn’t a fan.

“It’s a little tough,” she said, exaggeratedly chewing on a precooked piece, as DeGeneres cracked up and De Laurentiis defended her creation by saying, “Nicole, it’s been sitting there for like five hours!” To which Kidman made a “sure” sign with her hand and then said, “I know you’re not meant to criticize, but it’s a little tough.”

Then she gingerly took it out of her mouth (she didn’t spit it out, folks; she has class) and held it in her hands. “Do not let my kids see that I did that,” she said, as she realized years of motherly nagging could have been laid to waste with that one act.

And it made the day for a lot of people.


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