Night Owl Cinematics boss Sylvia Chan threatens legal action over claims that she abuses employees

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Sylvia Chan, founder of Singaporean YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics. (Screenshot from Hear U Out)
Sylvia Chan, founder of Singaporean YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics. (Screenshot from Hear U Out)

SINGAPORE — Local YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics has threatened legal action against an anonymous social media user(s) who had posted what they claimed to be leaked information alleging a toxic work environment at the company.

In return, the @sgcickenrice account has also sent their own lawyer's letter to NOC through the law firm of renowned criminal defence lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam.

The person or persons behind Instagram account @sgcickenrice had made a series of posts in the last two weeks claiming that NOC boss Sylvia Chan was abusive towards employees. These supposed leaks included text messages and voice recordings in which Sylvia allegedly used vulgarities and abusive language against employees. The posts were put on various parallel accounts on TikTok and Twitter as well.

NOC is popular in Singapore for its lifestyle and entertainment videos such as its food series Food King. Sylvia, a co-founder of the company, is herself a popular influencer.

NOC and Sylvia said on Monday (11 Oct) through their legal representative, Edmond Pereira Law Corporation, that the posts by @sgcicken contained personal data and had caused "harassment, alarm, and distress" as well as disruption to NOC's business and the loss of its sponsors.

They demanded that @sgcickenrice cease and desist from publishing any more allegations about Sylvia, NOC and its artists, failing which NOC would commence legal proceedings or lodge complaints with the authorities.

Eugene Thuraisingam LLP replied the next day on behalf of @sgcickenrice, saying that NOC had not renounced the allegations as untrue. "We are in the midst of taking our client's instructions and will respond substantively in due course," said the law firm.

NOC said in a separate statement, "The excerpts that are published are cherry picked (sic) abstract communications between private individuals carefully showcased to paint a wholly negative picture. We are advised that there have been serious breaches of the privacy laws and those responsible will be investigated by the authorities."

Sylvia herself has not responded directly to the allegations against herself.

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