Nightlife and warm weather aren't driving Gen Z's desire to travel. Here are the 5 things that are.

  • Booking Holdings determined Gen Z travel trends by surveying 32,300 people across 32 countries.

  • Data showed that nightlife and entertainment aren't major factors influencing Gen Z's travel plans.

  • Good eats, safety, and fair prices all ranked higher.

Nightlife and warm weather are a huge draw for some vacationers — unless you're a member of Gen Z.

It's no secret that elder Zoomers have a serious case of wanderlust, with a 2023 Business Insider survey showing that 43% believed travel is a more important goal than "advancing their education." Travel also ranked about above "being creatively fulfilled" and "becoming debt-free." Things like entertainment and nightlife, on the other hand, aren't driving their urge to travel.

Data shared by Booking Holdings, a travel company, shed light on the major factors Gen Z considers when choosing a travel destination. The survey, conducted from January 2024 to February 2024, drew from 32,300 people across 32 countries.

Gen Z ranked good food and natural scenery as the top deciding factors when choosing a vacation spot

Couple having fun in lake.
Data from Booking Holdings said natural scenery influenced Gen Z's travel decisions. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

According to Booking Holdings, the top three factors influencing Gen Z's travel destinations are delicious local food, good value for their money, and enchanting natural scenery. Shopping and safety followed afterward.

The data noted that neither warm weather nor nightlife and entertainment were ranked in the top 10.

Although warm vacation spots like Florida and Hawaii always draw tourists, winter travel is still popular. Tripadvisor's 2023 Winter Travel Index found that 68% of Gen Z respondents planned to travel that winter.

Regarding nightlife and entertainment, efforts to save money following inflation could play a role. Gen Z also tends to consume alcohol less than previous generations.

As for Gen Z's motivation for traveling, data showed relaxation and exploring places they've never been to as chief factors.

Gen Z is getting most of their travel inspiration from social media

People taking a selfie while snowboarding on a mountain.
Warm weather wasn't on the top of Gen Z's travel trends.Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Nearly two-thirds of the survey's Gen Z respondents — or 59% — told Booking Holdings they find travel inspiration from social media. It's the highest of any generation surveyed.

It's not surprising Gen Z looks toward social media for travel ideas, given how popular that type of content is online. The "travel" hashtag has 42.6 million posts on TikTok, while Instagram showed 732 million posts.

Social media has become a travel tool where content creators show off local hidden gems, share day-in-the-life vlogs and give advice to their followers.

Although travel allows people to unwind, it's also helping Gen Z feel more confident. Data showed that 72% of Zoomers felt "like the best version of themselves" while traveling.

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