Nike unveils its latest yoga collection with new Infinalon fabric

Nike introduces its newest fabric, Infinalon in its latest Yoga Collection

Nike has unveiled its latest yoga collection just in time for those New Year resolutions, and with the addition of an innovative new fabric for extra stretch and softness.

Inclusivity is at the heart of the yoga collection, which has been designed to include all genders and body types, from extra small to plus sizes. It also offers yogis a range of workout items, from leggings and pants to shorts and bodysuits, with each piece designed with well-placed seams and a minimal amount of trims so nothing distracts you during your flow.

For extra comfort, Nike has chosen to add its new Infinalon fabric to the collection -- the first time that the fabric has hit the market after two years in development.

Infinalon offers wearers an ultra-soft finish while sculpting, contouring and shaping, and although the fabric is thinner than others, Nike says it's actually stronger and more durable. It also still offers the coverage needed for getting in and out of downward dogs thanks to the finer yarn being woven into multiple layers. Nike also states that Infinalon can stretch to nearly double that of a fabric made from spandex, and the gentle compression fit has all the flexibility you need to move through your yoga flow.

Select Infinalon pieces will drop January 1 on, with additional items added April 1.