Nine holiday-season decorations for a most royal Christmas

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Nine holiday-season decorations for a most royal Christmas

A corgi by Selfridges

If having decorated your tree, you find the result lacks a little social distinction, one solution might be to add a few members of the Windsor family along with monuments and other British royal memes for a look that is reassuringly aristocratic.

Jolly little corgis

Sadly the last two royal corgis, the seemingly eternal companions of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away this year. The demise of Willow and Whisper unleashed an outpouring of sympathy for the bereaved monarch who fortunately is still accompanied by at least two other dogs. It is thus entirely fitting that Christmas trees across the United Kingdom and beyond should celebrate the memory of these doughty canine companions. Selfridges is proposing a crowned corgi who projects a dignified and austere air, while Christmas Company is offering a jolly little fellow with a more playful aspect. 

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New additions 

The royal family has grown considerably over the last decade, with two marriages, and a series of births: notably Louis in 2018, and Archie in 2019. The latest additions to the Windsor dynasty are also the subject of their very own Christmas decorations: a baby carriage for Louis and a stork for Archie.

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The Architecture of power

The British monarchy is associated with several legendary buildings, most notably, the ultra-famous Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British royal family, which is represented here by a miniature reproduction from Royal Collection Shop. The same source also offers a miniature throne, which is indispensable for the exercise of royal power. Windsor Castle, recognizable for its Round Tower, is yet another crown property with adequate room for the exercise of queenly duties.

Finally, there is Westminster Abbey, the venue for such happy events as the marriage of Kate and William, and sadder occasions, such as the funeral of the greatly missed Lady Di. 

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The Queen

The most senior royal, and the top of the tree of the British monarchy, Elizabeth II reigns over the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. She also has the distinction of being Britain's longest ruling monarch.

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