Nine Malaysian haj pilgrims injured in bus accident

Sofea Chok Suat Ling

MAKKAH: Nine Malaysian haj pilgrims on the way from Mina to their accommodation building here were injured in a bus accident yesterday.

Those injured, three men and six women, were sent to the hospital for light injuries sustained in the accident which involved two buses transporting Malaysian pilgrims from Mina back here.

The pilgrims, who had completed their stoning ritual, were discharged after observation. The most serious injury involved a dislocated shoulder.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religious affairs, Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, who visited the injured pilgrims at their accommodation building, said the accident happened around 8.40am (local time) yesterday.

"As traffic was congested, the bus transporting the pilgrims hit the back of another bus in front.

"The jolt caused pilgrims in the bus at the back to sustain injuries.

"Tabung Haji despatched its emergency team comprising medical and counselling personnel to the site, together with representatives from Muassasah Southeast Asia. The injured pilgrims were sent to the hospital immediately but all have been discharged."

Mujahid assured family members in Malaysia that there was nothing to worry about.

He added that two buses were also sent to replace the ones involved in the accident and the pilgrims have all been sent to their accommodation buildings.

"I would like to thank Muassasah Southeast Asia for its help in ensuring all pilgrims involved reached their hotels.

"The Tabung Haji medical team will observe all those involved in the accident to see whether some might need counselling.

"From my observation, I see that most are already on the road to recovery." © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd