Nine more students nabbed for involvement with Gang 24


SEPANG: Selangor police have arrested nine more students in Klang to assist investigations into their involvement with Gang 24-related activities in the district.

This makes it a total 27 people picked up so far after several videos of the group causing a commotion in front of a school in Klang went viral on Thursday.

Selangor deputy police chief Datuk Mohd Fuad Abd Latif said the arrests were made at three different schools in Klang last night in a special police dragnet.

"We have arrested six Form Five students, two Form Four students and a Form One student. This was a follow up action related to the 18 individuals we have arrested yesterday.

"Further investigation is being carried out to determine how far is their involvement in the secret society.

"The Selangor Police and Special Task Force on Organised Crime (Stafoc) will continue to track them down until we get all the remaining people involved in the group," he said after attending a Fun Run programme today hosted by the police and AirAsia in conjunction with the 210th Police Day celebration.

Yesterday, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, who shared one of the videos on Twitter, said a total of 18 people had been nabbed, with more arrests to follow.

“Syabas STAFFOC@PDRMsia, 13 students, five non-students were arrested around Klang. Many more will be arrested for being involved in Gang 24 activities,” he tweeted.

The arrests came after two separate videos of a group of motorcyclists causing a commotion and acting rowdy outside a school went viral on Thursday night.

Those in the clip were seen holding banners; one bore the letter “24”, “TD4” and a black swastika.