Nintendo reportedly to launch Bluetooth SNES controllers for the Switch

Pictured: the SNES Classic Edition Mini (left) with controllers. Reportedly, Nintendo will launch SNES controllers for the Switch

On Tuesday, a user on the gaming forum ResetEra spotted an FCC filing made by Nintendo indicating that the company is planning to launch a Switch-compatible SNES gaming controller.

Today, gaming forum ResetEra user Link83 reported to their peers that an FCC filing made by Nintendo was published suggesting that the company will launch an SNES-type controller for the Switch.

Last year, Nintendo released NES controllers for the system as well as a series of classic games to accompany the hardware. The original model was launched in 1983 and was eventually followed by the SNES in 1990; therefore, it's likely that the controller pictured in the FCC filing will launch with a collection of the most popular SNES games.

As of today, details about the controller are limited and the images are not viewable until next year. However, an image of the label's location shows that it will be placed on a suspiciously SNES-shaped device with two notches at the top where it could potentially be connected to a Switch.

The FCC filing additionally reveals that the controller will have Bluetooth connectivity.

No further information about the controller's specs or launch date have been revealed by Nintendo. The NES controllers launched in September of last year and retailed for $59.99 a pair.