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Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure returns to a record low of $70 on Amazon

If you missed the sale last month, now's the time to grab it.

Right after the start of the year, we saw Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure pack come back in stock at a discounted price. That sale has returned again after disappearing for a couple of weeks, and now you can get the Ring Fit Adventure for $10 off at Amazon. Prime members will see the sale price of $69.88 on the product page, but non-Prime members will have to add the device to their carts to see it.

Buy Ring Fit Adventure at Amazon - $70

If you have a Nintendo Switch, the Ring Fit Adventure is a unique way to inject some activity into your gameplay. It’s essentially an exercise role-playing game in which you explore a new world, defeat enemies and more using your body movement. The pack comes with a leg strap and a resistance wheel (hence the “ring”) onto which you secure the Switch’s Joy-Cons. With that setup, the game tracks your movements and translates them into actions — so your squats, crunches and jogging in place contribute to your game progress as well as your fitness goals.

Ring Fit Adventure is a rare Switch game that forces you to get off the couch and move a little. While that will take some getting used to, it can be a fun, new way to use your Switch while also adding some exercise into your routine. Considering that’s especially hard to do otherwise during the winter (even when we’re not living through a pandemic), the Ring Fit Adventure could end up coming your preferred way to workout indoors.

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