Nissan Determined to Expand Market Reach of Electric Vehicles

Martin Aguilar

It seems that electric vehicles (EV) are strongly positioned to be the future of mobility. Almost all of the car manufacturers globally have invested a huge chunk of money in developing and improving their respective EV. Nissan is among those car manufacturers that are going all-in in EVs.

The Japanese automaker is continuously improving the technology equipped in its EV product lineup. This is notably seen in the Nissan Leaf, which is a compact five-door EV hatchback. Aside from its continuous efforts to improve the technology, Nissan is also determined to expand the market reach of its EVs by making it more accessible to consumers. This is what Nissan head of Asia and Oceania Yutaka Sanada said in a forum about EVs held in South Korea.


Sanada shared that demand for EVs is increasing “as a greater range of EV technologies reaches the market.” He also added that customers are demanding cleaner and more efficient cars without compromising driving enjoyment. Nissan announced last February 2018 that the all-new Leaf will be available in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand this year. The Japanese brand is also looking to bring the Leaf to the Philippines and Indonesia.

Considering the Philippines’ stricter emission standard, the chances of seeing the Leaf being sold locally is possible. The Philippines has also hosted the first ASEAN Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Summit last June 2017, which showed the country’s commitment and openness towards EVs.

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