Nissan product blitz continues with a Qashqai teaser

Ben Hsu
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Nissan has dropped some major product in recent weeks. There's been a new Rogue, updated Armada, Ariya EV, the long-awaited Z, and just yesterday, a new Frontier and Pathfinder. But Nissan's not done yet. They've also just dropped a teaser for the new European-market Qashqai, known as the Rogue Sport in the U.S.

The 15-second video shows quite a few features. Exterior-wise, there's a dramatically angled boomerang headlight, a contrasting-color roof with what looks like a panoramic sunroof, and some nice surfacing, particularly around the hood and rear trunk. From what we can see, the styling looks a bit stronger and defined than the somewhat anonymous current generation.

A bit unusually, the front fascia appears to have a sensor that's not hidden in the bodywork. Instead, a small black triangle features it prominently, perhaps to highlight Nissan's plethora of safety and driver assist functions.

There's a raised Nissan logo on the rear door. The word "Qashqai" is also debossed on the body somewhere, which makes one wonder what the U.S. counterpart will have in lieu.

The interior shots reveal sumptuous Nappa leather diamond-quilted seats that, according to a shot of the 9-inch touchscreen, actually has a massage function for both driver and passenger. We'll miss the traditional gauges, but the instrument panel is now a 12.3-inch screen that can display navigation maps.

Nissan has already revealed much of the interior in an earlier teaser, and shows that the climate controls are separated from the touchscreen. The screen itself is flanked by two dials, while a row of quick-nav buttons sit below.

The Qashqai is expected to come with a 138-horsepower turbocharged 1.3-liter with available hybrid option. In Europe, a manual transmission will be offered, though it's unlikely Americans will get anything but the CVT. A version with Nissan's e-Power hybrid system making 190 horses will likely follow.

Nissan is on a product roll since CEO Makoto Uchida took the reins in 2019. His Nissan Next campaign has kept its promise to churn out a slew of new and updated product, freshening up a lineup that had gotten long in the tooth. Hopefully, it continues to breathe new life into the 88-year-old company.

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