Nissan's Leaf turns into a festive Nissan holiday Tree for the winter season

Nissan dresses up the Leaf EV as a Christmas tree for the holidays

To celebrate the holidays, Nissan has covered its Leaf EV hatch with thousands of sparkling lights and ornaments and a reindeer to spread Christmas cheer.

Nissan announced Monday that a one-off Leaf EV is getting the Christmas treatment this holiday season. Outfitted with thousands of LED lights and various other illuminating decorations, this Nissan (Christmas) Tree demonstrates the amount of "energy generation made possible through owning an electric vehicle."

In fact, the entire light display -- everything from the snowflakes on the wheels to the reindeer on the roof -- is powered by the Leaf's regenerative braking system via e-Pedal and B mode functions; by simply braking or stopping, the Leaf Tree generates enough power to turn itself into a spectacular car-tree hybrid on the move.

According to the company, every time a Leaf owner drives 11,000 miles, they regenerate 744kWh of clean energy, enough to light 266 Christmas trees with 799 incandescent lights for an hour, power 297 ovens for an hour to cook 297 Christmas dinners and power 744 TVs for five hours each for holiday movie viewing.

Though this Nissan (Christmas) Tree is a one-off model, the regenerative power the model produces to light itself up for the holidays is possible with every Leaf.