No bar setup is complete without this revolutionary $23 wine opener

A lot of people put so much time and thought into their home bar setup, but then they go and get a crummy $5 wine bottle opener that they struggle with. Instead of breaking a sweat and inevitably tearing apart a cork from time to time, you’ve got to check out the Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener. All you do is stick it on top of the bottle and press the button, and it blasts odorless CO2 gas into the bottle to pop out the cork. It takes less than a second to work, and it even has an integrated foil cutter.

Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener - CO2 Wine Opener: $22.95

Here are some of the key details from the product page:

  • Fastest easiest way to open a wine bottle

  • Perfect for old delicate corks

  • Does not accept taste or bouquet

  • Great for those with mobility issues

If you want a cheaper option that uses a similar idea to open your wine bottles, check out this one:

Air Pressure Wine Bottle Opener, Pump Air Pressure Corkscrews Win…: $12.88

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