No further action taken against man offering up local Muslim brides to foreigners for RM300,000 dowries

After news broke that a man advertising to facilitate legal marriage services between foreign men and local, Muslim women to the tune of a RM300,000 (US$72,500) “dowry” would have no further legal action taken against him, more than a few eyebrows were left raised.

In exchange for the hefty fee, the newlywed husband could then use their local wife’s name to register their business.

His brazen sign was spotted by pedestrians in Bukit Bintang, right smack in the middle of one of Kuala Lumpur’s busiest, and most tourist-friendly shopping districts. It went as far as claiming to be a registered agency, and cited both the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and the country’s Immigration Department as references.

Following a viral social media post showing the sign, immigration authorities have gone on the record to deny any connection to the claims made by the sign, after having gone to the location where the man was stationed themselves Tuesday to investigate.

The gentleman was reportedly a Malaysian man in his 40s, and despite social media notoriety, he was found advertising his services to the many, many visitors in the area.

“Initially, the man refused to cooperate, but after further discussion he agreed to take down the signboard,” said a department spokesperson.

He added a warning to individuals spreading misinformation about immigration involvement.

JAKIM has also denied any connection to the matter.

Michael Chong, MCA’s Public Services and Complaints director, responsible for countless crusades against unscrupulous ah long, and a longtime defender of cheated citizens, warned that foreigners taking up these kind of offers could leave local women in vulnerable positions.

Recalling one such case, Chong explained that a woman came to him after she was left footing her foreign husband’s bill from an extortionate loan procured from a shark. After securing the funds, the man left without a trace.



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