No "Grandmaster 2" for Tony Leung

No "Grandmaster 2" for Tony Leung

4 Feb – Actor Tony Leung recently revealed that he will not return for the sequel should there be plans for it.

Jayne Stars reported that while speaking about his experience filming "The Grandmaster" for three years at a dialogue session held at the Hong Kong University on 31 January, the actor, accompanied by stunt coordinator Yuen Woo-ping and martial artist Lau Kar Yung revealed that he has no intentions of participating in a sequel, if it is to be made.

The actor also debunked rumours of his conflict with director Wong Kar-wai being the cause of his refusal, expressing, "I want to try new things. I like staying fresh. If I do the same things over and over again, it won't be fun."

Earlier, it was rumoured that the actor had a fall out with his long-time collaborator, director Wong Kar-wai after realising that despite his strenous Wing Chun training for the movie, his appearance on screen has been heavily edited by the director.

The rumour came about after it was first reported that Korean actress, Song Hye-gyo was upset with Wong's filming technique. The "Full House" actress reportedly declined to participate in the film's promotions after discovering that she only had six minutes worth of screen time.

However, Tony revealed that although it had been a tough three-year engagement, he did not regret the experience.