You’re no longer the Opposition, Nga reminds DAP councillors

John Bunyan 

Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming has urged all DAP local councillors to do away with old ‘Opposition’ habits. — Picture by Marcus Pheong

IPOH, Aug 11 — Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming has urged all DAP local councillors to do away with old “Opposition” habits.

In his speech at the DAP’s local councillors retreat at Tower Regency Hotel here, the DAP leader said that they have to reform and transform.

“I know we are used to be Opposition, but habits have to be changed as we are the Government now.

“We were once fiery in fighting against the previous government. We should still have the fighting spirit, but we should not fight against our own people,” he said.

Nga also said local councillors have a high responsibility as they will be meeting the people every day.

“Local council is a very important aspect. The job is not all about rubbish, grass and drain; it’s about mission and vision on how you’re going to transform a district or city into a more liveable place.   

“I urge all of you to uphold DAP’s image rather than your own interests when carrying out your duty,” he said.  

“This is not a prize for you. Live up to the expectations. Don’t think that you can sit on the position easily.

“I will propose to the state exco in charge of local council to terminate you this December if you don’t perform. Don’t think you will have time until next July. These six months is your probation period,” said Nga.

Out of the 312 local councillors who were appointed in 15 local governments around the state, one-third of the representatives are from DAP.

Nga told the local councillors to learn from the police as an example in carrying out duties.

“In their (police) badge they have these two important words — honour and courage. When you carry the badge of the local councils, always remember these words,” he said.

Nga also said all DAP local councillors should memorise the laws in the Local Government Act 1976 and also the by-laws.

“Don’t abuse the power given to you. Don’t let yourself be corrupted in any way. Stick to the law and fulfil all the promises,” he said.  

Nga also said all DAP Members of Parliament and state assemblymen who have part-time jobs, such as businessmen, architects, engineers or doctors, need to donate 30 per cent of the monthly income to DAP.

“In Perak, MPs or state assemblymen who have other jobs must donate an additional 3 per cent, which means if the person’s salary is RM10,000 then the person has to donate RM3,300.

“This is how we survived for the past 50 years. We follow what our mentors and leaders did. We are clean and not corrupted,” he said.

“I hope the newly appointed local councillors will also donate to the party. I know the allowance is not much, therefore we just hope for 5 per cent of donations. I believe it can be done,” he said.