No reset in sight for UK-Russian diplomatic relations, says Cameron

David Cameron
David Cameron

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron emphatically stated there is "no turning back" in UK-Russia relations, in an interview with The Independent on April 25.

The journalist had queried whether the UK might ever revert to the diplomatic relations it maintained with Russia before its invasion of Ukraine, recalling Cameron's tenure as prime minister when he accompanied Russian President Vladimir Putin to a judo competition at the London Olympics.

Cameron was categorical in his response, particularly regarding Putin: "Definitely not." He reflected on his previous attempts to foster closer bilateral ties, acknowledging that while it was a challenging endeavor at the time, Russia's subsequent actions in Syria and its aggression towards Ukraine irreparably damaged relations.

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Earlier, Britain was accused of helping Russia “finance the war against Ukraine” by importing record volumes of refined oil from countries that process Russian fossil fuels. Global Witness estimates that in 2023, the UK imported about 5.2 million barrels of petroleum products made from Russian crude oil, with jet fuel accounting majority of imports (4.6 million barrels).

UK announces largest aid package to Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy had a phone conversation with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on April 23, who announced allocation of largest-ever aid package to Ukraine from United Kingdom, worth more than half a billion pounds ($600 million).

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Earlier, intention to allocate this aid package was announced by British government.

Ukraine would receive:

  • 60 boats, including raiding and diving boats, as well as naval guns

  • more than 1600 strike and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as additional long-range Storm Shadow missiles

  • more than 400 pieces of equipment, including 160 Husky infantry fighting vehicles, 162 armored vehicles and 78 all-terrain vehicles

  • almost four million rounds of ammunition for small arms.

Thus, according to British government, country will provide Ukraine with a total of 3 billion pounds($3.73 billion) of military aid this financial year.

The Telegraph reported that UK will include Paveway IV laser-guided bombs in next package of military aid to Ukraine on April 24.

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