No stripping required: AirAsia pokes fun at Malindo Air with recruitment ad


KUALA LUMPUR: Never one to pass up a marketing opportunity, AirAsia today unveiled its latest advertisement seeking potential cabin crew candidates.

This ad, however, came with a twist.

With the words ‘We won’t ask you to strip down - Just zip up and be a part of the world’s best low-cost airline team’, the ad clearly appeared to be a light jab at rival airline Malindo Air.

The ad was for AirAsia’s cabin crew recruitment drive, set to be held on April 15 at the Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence at KLIA.

Malindo Air earned criticism from social media users today following a report claiming that its interview process involved having female candidates having to strip to their bras.

Malindo Air has since explained that this was necessary to see if candidates had scars, pimples or tattoos that could be seen through the uniform.

Most social media users saw the funny side of things.

Fahruddin Najumudeen wrote: You guys are very quick in giving the competition a not-so- subtle "dressing down" eh? Haha.”

Another Facebook user, Raymen Shim, wrote: “You guys are really fast...hahaha. Bravo!!!”