Non-Umno BN leaders should resign if RUU355 tabled for debate in Parliament: Kit Siang

Kelly Koh

MALACCA: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang today challenged non-Umno Barisan Nasional leaders to resign from their ministerial posts with immediate effect should Pas' Private Member's Bill is tabled for debate in Parliament.

"All the other (non-Umno) component parties (in BN) claimed to oppose (the Private Member's Bill) and do not want the (Act) 355 (Private Member's Bill), also known as RUU355 to be given priority by the government.

"I call on all non-Umno ministers, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, and Sabah and Sarawak BN parties that are not from Umno to submit their resignation from the government with immediate effect when (Pas President Datuk Abdul) Hadi (Awang)'s Private Member's Bill is given priority and comes up for debate and vote in Parliament," he told a press conference at the state-level "Jom Daftar Undi" programme organised by DAP in Bukit Beruang here today.

Lim said the non-Umno lawmakers should resign as it was a mockery of the 'consensus principle' as the BN was seen as coalition ruled in hegemony by Umno.

"There is altogether 133 BN MPs that won in the last general election.

"In other words there are 45 non-Umno MPs. So if all other parties pull out, they will lose and (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak)'s government will collapse," he said.

Several cabinet ministers had said that they would resign from their ministerial post should the Private Member's Bill be tabled in Parliament, but they later agreed that the BN coalition parties must move in consensus.

When asked if he would contest in Kota Melaka in light of his party stalwart Sim Tong Him's resignation or remain contesting in Gelang Patah, Lim said: "Many have said that I will contest in ABCD... But I am still listening (to these rumours)," he added.

Additionally, Lim believes the general election might take place in September this year, on top of acknowleging that many anticipate it to be as early as July.