We are not against non-Malays: Pas' Hadi


ALOR STAR: Pas president Datuk Seri Abd Hadi Awang has denied that the party is against non-Malays in the country, and acknowledged their valuable contribution to the nation’s development.

However, the Marang MP said Pas is against the chauvinistic and shallow-minded attitude of certain parties in the political landscape.

"A change through (democratic) election must be achieved without conflict that can ruin the people.

"Thus, the politics of hate and racial chauvinism must be avoided," he said in his opening speech at the 63rd Muktamar Pas Pusat here, this morning.

He said that what is most important is Pas continuing to uphold Islam as a solution for the masses by collecting and evaluating ideas and criticisms from the people, who wish to see changes in the country.

Hadi said Pas will focus on becoming the third bloc in the 14th general election through 'Gagasan Sejahtera', which they will form with community leaders, former government officials and non-governmental organisations.

He stressed that the party must prepare a systematic agenda to face the election right after the Muktamar ends.