Not a cop? Then don’t try to control traffic

Justin Ong
The Royal Malaysia Police warned members of the public acting as road marshals that they have no legal authority to direct other road users. — Picture courtesy of Facebook/Polis Diraja Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 — Members of the public acting as road marshals for convoy and events have no legal authority to direct other road users, the Royal Malaysia Police warned today.

The law enforcement agency said only traffic police are empowered to control the movement of vehicles on public roads and whose orders must be obeyed.

“All escorts or marshals are completely prohibited from controlling traffic as they please. The use of marshals for competitions, convoys or programmes must include traffic police,” the RMP said on its Facebook page.

“The public or road users may ignore the marshals’ orders in the event they perform traffic control functions such as telling motorists to give way, stop, divert and others.”

Those found guilty of directing traffic without the proper authority will be punished under the Police Act as well as Road Transport Act.

The agency did not state the specific event or events that prompted this warning.

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