Not even Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles were allowed at Bruce Springsteen’s Tony Awards rehearsal

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles talked about the excitement surrounding Bruce Springsteen’s performance at the Tony Awards this Sunday. Springsteen is set to receive a Special Tony Award for Springsteen on Broadway. As hosts of the awards show, Bareilles and Groban will be the center of attention for most of the night, but they definitely won’t be the stars.

“The venue is abuzz with energy that Bruce is gonna be there,” Groban said. “Today we were rehearsing and there were 30 people just hanging around the stage because Bruce was going to rehearse. People just want to be around the guy, and we’re very, very excited he’s going to be there.”

One might think that as hosts they’d have access to Springsteen, but that’s not the case. Bareilla said they tried to stay late after one of their rehearsals to see him but couldn’t. “But you’re the hosts,” Colbert said. Bareilla replied, “That’s what I said!”

They’ll at least get to see the Boss on Sunday with the rest of us. Springsteen is receiving the Special Tony because his (mostly) one-man show was ineligible for a regular Tony. To be eligible, a show must provide comp tickets to Tony voters and the press. Because of the scarcity of tickets, Springsteen producers and the star himself chose not to do so.

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