'You do not need fixing': Fitness blogger Sia Cooper gets candid about her plastic surgery regrets

A social media fitness star is speaking out about her plastic surgery regrets.

Sia Cooper, the woman behind the mega-successful fitness blog “Diary of a Fit Mommy,” has never shied away from discussing body image and self-esteem with her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Sia Cooper. Image via Instagram.

However, the blogger is upping the ante with a powerful new image in an attempt to dispel the myth that plastic surgery will solve body image problems –  a lesson she wishes she had learned when she was younger.

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Earlier this week, the 29-year-old shared a photo of herself to Instagram. In the photo, she’s covered in black marker, similar to the markings plastic surgeons draw on patients before a procedure.  Cooper says the markings “represent what’s not ‘perfect enough’ for us to accept on our own bodies” and revealed to fans that her own experience with plastic surgery had negative effects on her mood and self-esteem.

After having breast augmentation seven years ago, Cooper writes that she would tell her younger self that surgery ‘wasn’t worth it’ and that cosmetic surgery ‘doesn’t make you feel better… you only feel better when you start to accept the things you shouldn’t be changing in the first place.”

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“Since getting my surgery, my depression and anxiety has worsened,” the caption reads. “The ability to accept myself has worsened because it makes you want MORE. This may be a triggering message, but I urge you to love yourself. No body deserves to be marked on as if it needs changing.”

Image via Instagram.

Now, the mother-of-two is looking into having her breast implants removed – a decision she says was inspired by raising her daughter.

“I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking, ‘This is how I have to look’ and wondering why her breasts aren’t like Mommy’s,” she explains.

Aware that Instagram and social media can be a slippery-slope for people and their insecurities, Cooper is encouraging followers to unfollow anyone who is “too perfect” for them.

“Follow those who do good for your mental health,” she urged fans. “You’re worth it. YOU DO NOT NEED FIXING.”

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