'Not proper Muslimah': Online critics slam singer Aisyah Aziz in backless dress

Tan Mei Zi
A number of Instagram users didn’t hesitate to bash Aisyah and her appearance after she posted the video. — Screengrab from Instagram/aisyaah_aziz

PETALING JAYA, July 3 — Singaporean singer Aisyah Aziz became the latest target of dress code policing after uploading a video of herself in a backless gown on Instagram.

The Singaporean songstress had dolled herself up for a performance and while many were showering compliments on her look, some didn’t think twice about attacking her personal appearance.

“Your name is Aisyah but you are not reflecting the image of a Muslimah woman,” wrote lailabustomi75.

“You should zip up that dress, I can see your body acne,” said noorasmahan.

“Your teeth are yellow and you have pimples on your body,” wrote shielalyn92.


Instagram user shuhadazizan_ even made an absurd connection between Aisyah and her disgraced brother Aliff Aziz, who was embroiled in numerous cheating scandals this year.

“Like brother, like sister,” she wrote.

Outfit policing has become a regular habit among social media users, especially in Malaysia where people regularly cite religion as the reason for spouting online criticism towards celebrities.

Singer Kilafairy was also slammed recently for wearing a skintight jumpsuit, prompting comments saying she had gone too far with exposing her aurat (intimate parts).

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