You will not recognise Paris Jackson with this neon green bob hairstyle

In case you missed it, the bob is the biggest and most popular haircut RN with everyone from Zendaya to Kourtney Kardashian and even Emily Ratajkowski following in Hailey Bieber's footsteps. I mean, the chokehold one person can have when it comes to influencing a nation... *stunned silence in my unanticipated berries and cream x Lord Farquaad interpretation of the cut*.

And now, joining the sisterhood of the travelling bob is an unlikely celeb, though it's someone who is certainly giving the rest of us girlies a run for our money when it comes to styling the look. Presenting: Paris Jackson's pop-punk grunge take on the traditionally chic 'do.

For a recent interview with Allure Magazine, the actor-meets-model-meets-singer-songwriter spoke all things beauty and finding comfort in 90s style. And while I'm sure this is relatable to many of us who grew up in said era, one thing about the interview that I'm not sure many can say they've done is rock a neon green bob. Yep, in one of the photoshoot pics, Paris is sporting the unusual hair colour that has been styled with a choppy cut.

When Sandi Thom sang 'Oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair', I'm pretty sure this was the look she would've had in mind... so fierce.

Not only do we love the 'do (which, unfortunately, is most probably a wig seeing as she wears a number of different hairstyles and colours for the shoot) but we also have to take a mo' for the stunning two-tone abstract eye makeup.

Though having said that, it couldn't be further from Paris' go-to. "I'll wear a little bit of stuff on my eyebrows, mascara, and contour, and that's typically all I do," Paris says, referring to the simplicity of her everyday makeup look. "I don't wear concealer or foundation day-to-day. My skin feels better when it's breathing."

While the entire ensemble seems to be out of Paris' day-to-day realms, we have to applaud her for it's one we'll be adding to our beauty-spo files!

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