Not for wallflowers: lingerie designer Chantal Thomass turns to interiors

French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass has collaborated with interiors brand Néodko to create a line of wallpapers and decorative panels.

Featuring dusky pinks, vibrant fuchsias, greys, pastels and slashes of black, Thomass has translated the sensuality of her fashion ranges to the ‘Boudoir' interiors collection. Motifs include shoes, lipsticks, ribbons and lace.

The playful designs include a full-sized wallpaper spread depicting the inside of a woman's closet, crammed with dresses, shoes, perfumes and accessories. The range isn't for shrinking violets: one design features the fastening of a lace corset against a vibrant pink background.

"I was tired of being surrounded by boring, expressionless walls," the quintessentially Parisian designer explains. "I wanted walls which could speak to me, which could tell stories..."

The designs were created with bedrooms and dressing rooms in mind, but can be adapted to fit a variety of spaces.

Thomass first hit the fashion scene in 1975 with her lingerie creations and her glamorous creations are sold in 18 countries worldwide today. She recently collaborated with Coca Cola to design a limited edition Diet Coke can.

The complete Boudoir range can be seen at

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