NTUC FairPrice, FB user trade words over rats at Kang Kar Mall

(Photo: Sun Yu Ming’s Facebook Page)

Supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice on Thursday (2 June) said it would take “necessary actions” to protect their reputation if a Facebook user who posted videos of rats at one of its outlets did not stop making “inflammatory remarks”.

In a post on its Facebook page, NTUC Fairprice identified the user as Sun Yu Ming, and said he was a delivery person for bread at their Kang Kar outlet.

The supermarket said Sun had been reported in the “past for several occasions where he had short-changed the store by delivering less that what the store had ordered”, and that the video of the rats had been taken while he was replenishing stocks.

“Notwithstanding, we assure our customers that we continue to take proactive preventive measures to address the pest incident. Our investigations also show that the source of the pest did not originate from within store,” NTUC Fairprice said.

On Thursday, the National Environment Agency (NEA) found five rat burrows at Hougang Mall, which is next to Kang Kar Mall, and said that it will be taking action against the mall’s management.

The NEA said it will also be taking enforcement action against NTUC FairPrice, after finding signs of rat activity such as rat droppings at its outlet in Kang Kar Mall.

The NEA said it inspected the area after the video and photos of a rat in the Kang Kar Mall supermarket were posted online.

Screenshot of the post. The original post on Facebook is no longer publicly available. (Photo: Sun Yu Ming’s Facebook Page)

It previously investigated the area after five rat complaints earlier in the year, but did not detect any signs of the rats.

However, it did find two rat burrows in the area under Hougang Mall’s management two weeks ago. The burrows have since been treated.

The NEA did not say what actions would be taken. According to the NEA’s website, mall management or operators face a fine of up to S$5,000 if their premises are found to have an infestation.