Number of people crossing through Pakistan's Chaman border rises after Taliban's hostile takeover

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Islamabad [Pakistan] August 26 (ANI): Pedestrian traffic through Pakistan's South-western Chaman border crossing has swiftly increased after the Taliban's hostile takeover of Afghanistan.

"About 18,000 people are now crossing the border on a daily basis," Hameed Ullah, the head of the Coronavirus Health team at the Chaman border told CNN.

Earlier, approximately 12,000 people used to cross this border in a single day, the official added.

People also informed that there is a "situation of tension at the Chaman border" at the moment and "thousands of people" are coming to Pakistan side of the border, CNN reported.

A few days back, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing at Chaman was reopened on August 14 after the Taliban's forceful shutdown of the border.

The terror group last month captured the Chaman crossing through its aggressive offensive against the Afghan government forces

This decision of opening the border was taken following a meeting between Pakistani and Taliban officials, Dawn newspaper reported. The transit trade and import and export of goods have resumed which had remained suspended for over a week. (ANI)

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