Nur Jazlan arrives at N. Korean embassy as police cordon off grounds


KUALA LUMPUR: The situation appears tense at the North Korean embassy in Damansara Heights, as the police have arrived to cordon off the premises.

Two traffic policemen arrived first at the embassy in Jalan Batai at 11.35am. Police presence was later bolstered by even more personnel in nine vehicles, five minutes later.

At 11.54am, police began cordoning off the embassy. Police vehicles also sealed off the stretch of Jalan Batai where the embassy is located.

A minor standoff occurred at 12.17pm when two embassy staff got into the car within the compound and reversed the car to the gate.

Two police cars then proceeded to block the gate. The embassy car then later drove back up to the embassy.

Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Nur Jazlan Mohamed has also just arrived at the embassy.