Nvidia is taking the Apple Vision Pro to the Omniverse

 Nvidia GTC 2024 Apple Vision Pro.
Nvidia GTC 2024 Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro could soon be a lot more helpful for businesses around the world thanks to an upgrade from Nvidia.

At its Nvidia GTC 2024 event today, the computing giant announced the launch of a new software framework, built on its own Omniverse Cloud APIs, that will make Apple's mixed reality device much more intuitive for industry and business use.

The new Omniverse Cloud APIs will integrate with Nvidia's own Graphics Deliver Network (GDN), greatly streamlining the process of creating and generating 3D experiences to be visible on an Apple Vision Pro device.

Nvidia Omniverse

Nvidia also showed off a demo of how the technology will work, via a fully accurate and interactive digital twin of a car, streamed directly to an Apple Vision Pro device. This digital twin was shown to be particularly useful for design and customization of the vehicle via previews of the color and trim, right down to a virtually sitting within the finished vehicle before it enters production.

Users can render fully interactive experiences via a single application available from Apple’s native SwiftUI and Reality Kit, with the Omniverse RTX Renderer streaming from GDN.

The company adds that because the platform is based on its Nvidia RTX Cloud offering, such renderings, edits and more can be seamlessly shared to an Apple Vision Pro device, with updates showing as they happen.

“The breakthrough ultra-high-resolution displays of Apple Vision Pro, combined with photorealistic rendering of OpenUSD content streamed from NVIDIA accelerated computing, unlocks an incredible opportunity for the advancement of immersive experiences,” added Mike Rockwell, vice president of the Vision Products Group at Apple.

“Spatial computing will redefine how designers and developers build captivating digital content, driving a new era of creativity and engagement.”

Nvidia says such demos show off the huge potential of spatial computing for businesses across multiple industries, offering boosted customization but also cutting down on the need for real-world prototypes.

Designers could also use such APIs to build applications that allow them to see their 3D data like never before, creating more accurate and robust simulations that allow them to push the limits of what is possible. Factory operators could also build richer digital twins to spot issues before they happen, boosting productivity, and designers can offer unbridled customization and creativity.

“Apple Vision Pro is the first untethered device which allows for enterprise customers to realize their work without compromise,” added Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation at Nvidia. “We look forward to our customers having access to these amazing tools.”

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