NYPD releases video of moments before $1.3 million jewellery burglary

Louise Hall
New York Police Department

New York Police Department has released footage of the moments before a $1.3 million jewellery burglary in the Bronx.

Four individuals broke into 50 East Fordham Road on the 31 March at around 1am, police said.

The group removed jewellery from a display case & safe that totalled $1.3 million dollars, according to police.

Police said the burglars fled the scene of the crime in a Mercedes Benz.

In the footage, which was released to the public on Tuesday, the people can be seen in covered clothing and face masks getting out of the car and heading into the store.

The New York Post reported that police said the group climbed a ladder in the alleyway of the building to gain access to the roof.

The video clip then shows the group walking downstairs while holding flashlights, crowbars and a duffel bag.

Police asked that anyone who may have information regarding the crime call or message the NYPD tipline at 800-577-TIPS.

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