Off limits: Cops cordon off North Korean Embassy


KUALA LUMPUR: Police have cordoned off the North Korean embassy at Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, today as deadline for ambassador Kang Chol, who lost his diplomatic status, to leave the country draws near.

Scores of foreign and local media have been waiting since early this morning to catch the sight of Kang Chol, who has until 6pm today to comply to the Malaysian government's order.

Several vehicles were seen coming in and out of the embassy since morning but the ambassador was not in any one of them.

It was believed that Kang Chol was still in the building but embassy staff were spotted carrying luggage and boxes into a grey Toyota Alphard.

Police arrived at the embassy at 2.10pm to monitor the crowd before deciding to cordoned off the area in front of the embassy about five minutes later.

On Saturday, Malaysia has declared Kang Chol persona non grata and asked him to leave the country within 48 hours after he failed to meet with an official from the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Kang had strained relationship between both countries after he criticised Malaysia for refusing to release the body of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader.

He had also suggested that Malaysia was trying to "conceal something" and was colluding with hostile forces against North Korea.