Office workers are willing to earn less money to be happy at work

 Employees sat around together discussing business issues.
Employees sat around together discussing business issues.

A report from HP claiming that “the world’s relationship with work is at a breaking point” has uncovered the alarming scale of worker dissatisfaction and unhappiness globally.

The study of more than 15,000 workers across 12 countries, which analyzed more than 50 aspects of people’s relationships with work, found that only one-quarter (27%) of knowledge workers have a healthy relationship with work.

HP also noted that the majority (83%) of workers would be willing to take a drop in pay just to be happier at work.

HP says workers are not happy

Many typical full-time workers’ days consist of eight hours, or around one-third of their day, sitting at a desk in a traditional and uninspiring office. In a world of the overworked, 55% of employees struggle with self-worth and mental well-being, while 45% note that personal relationships suffer as a result of work.

According to the report, poor leadership, insufficiently valuing and respecting workers, a lack of skills and personal development opportunities, and poor decisions regarding hybrid work are all contributing factors to the overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction.

Of the 12 countries covered by HP’s study, India was noted as the best country, with 50% of knowledge workers having a healthy work relationship. Japan was on the bottom end, with just 5% having a healthy relationship. Other countries analyzed included the US (28%), the UK (25%), Canada (23%), and Australia (22%).

The effects can be seen right across businesses, with unhappy workers often putting in the bare minimum, being less productive, or contemplating leaving the company, indicating a clear need for businesses to harness a more positive environment.

In a post-pandemic world, workers are calling out for greater autonomy, more opportunities, and for their companies to invest in the right tools including the latest generation of AI tools.

HP’s study shows that workers are much more than just a statistic on a company’s books, citing changing expectations as one of the key areas that businesses should focus on moving forward.

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