OFW killed by husband shortly after returning home

What should have been a warm homecoming ended in tragedy when a man allegedly killed his OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) wife on the day she returned home.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon in Isabela, Negros Occidental, ABS-CBN News reported.

According to authorities who are investigating the case, the unnamed victim arrived in the Philippines from working in Kuwait on Friday but headed to her parents’ house first instead of going straight home.

The woman reportedly left the Philippines to work abroad because her husband, also unnamed, had been abusing her.

She only went home yesterday to see their two children. This proved to be a bad decision, though, as her husband immediately went back to his old ways.

The husband reportedly slapped the woman on the face right when she got home. Their argument escalated quickly and ended with the man allegedly stabbing the woman at least three times, according to police.

While there are still no specific details about the husband’s motivation, authorities suspect that it probably stemmed from jealousy.

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