Oh deer! Parliament invaded by herd of frolicking deer


KUALA LUMPUR: The Parliament house today received unexpected visitors in the form of a herd of deer.

It is learnt that several deer had escaped from a deer park, located next to the public car park area in the Parliament compound.

Deputy Works Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, who had just finished a question-and-answer session at the Dewan Negara, was pleasantly surprised by the sight of three deer frolicking in the Parliament ornamental pool near the main tower.

Rosnah said she was about to leave at 11.45am when she spotted the deer and captured the photos for posterity.

"Today, the Parliament pool received a special visit from deer," said the photo caption in her Facebook posting.

Two deer are seen in the pool, while several others are seen wandering near the main entrance.

It is learnt that the several Parliament staff managed to herd the deer out of the pool and Parliament compound, and return them to the park, an hour later.