Old folks’ home offers hope to senior citizen siblings after plight highlighted in media

Sylvia Looi
The Ng siblings will finally have peace of mind with Kok Ngow and Lai Yee taken in by an Ampang home for senior citizens. — Pictures by Farhan Najib

IPOH, Sept 13 — Senior citizen siblings in Ng Kok Ngow, 74, and sister Ng Lai Yee, 70, will finally be moving into an old folks’ home in Ampang from their dilapidated family home here.

Kok Ngow, who has been paralysed for the last two years due to a fall, has been cared for by Lai Yee, who is a slow learner, and requires the help of her other siblings.

Elder siblings Ng Kok Onn, 79, would travel from his house at Bandar Seri Botani on motorcycle while Ng Kwai Yee, 76, would take the bus from her house at Gunung View, to take turns to help take care of their younger brother. 

Previous efforts by the family in looking for a nursing home for Kok Ngow and Lai Yee had been unsuccessful due to Kok Ngow’s disability. 

And today, both Kok Ngow and Lai Yee will be moving into their new home to be cared for, with the assistance of Perak MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Low Guo Nan.

Kok Onn said he was informed of the good news yesterday afternoon.

“I immediately shared the news with Lai Yee and told her to start packing,” he said.

Speaking to the media at the sibling’s dilapidated family house at Jalan Lee Chuk Kai here, Kok Onn said he could now rest easy knowing his younger siblings will be cared for. 

Kok Onn shedding tears of joy that his siblings will finally be properly cared for.

With tears rolling down his cheeks, he thanked all parties who helped get his siblings into a home.

Lai Yee, meanwhile, said she was very excited to be moving to a new home. 

“At least I do not have to catch snakes whenever it rains anymore as I do now at my current residence.

“Today is a double celebration for us as aside from moving to a new home, we get to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with new friends.”

All smiles, an excited Lai Yee is excited to move into their new home.

Meanwhile, Low said since the family’s plight was highlighted on August 22, he had received many calls from caring people offering to help them.

“Some donated money while many donated diapers for Kok Ngow,” he said, adding that a Good Samaritan also donated a wheelchair. 

Low added that there were many non-governmental and privately run homes that came forward with offers to take the siblings in.

Low and colleagues help the Ng siblings as they leave their dilapidated family home.

“But after taking into consideration the cost and location, we chose the one at Ampang so that Kok Onn and Kwai Yee can continue to visit them.”

Low said he received the offer from the Ampang home on Thursday morning. 

“The home actually contacted me after seeing the news about the siblings and they requested for us to take them for medical check-ups first to ensure they did not suffer from infectious diseases.

“After confirming they were healthy, the home agreed to take them in.”

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