Old tyres recycling into material for playground in Moscow

Moscow (Russia), Sep 18, 2021, (ANI): These old tyres here are in a recycling process and were given a second life in order to generate some profit from this hazardous waste. In a plant near Moscow, these old wheels, collected from landfills all over the country, are processed into raw materials and later re-use for children’s sports grounds. To protect the environment from the climatic challenges, the enterprise recycles the tyres, which has been a great initiative towards the environment. Environmentalists say that one such tyre takes over 100 years to decompose, releasing toxic substances throughout all this time. Passenger vehicle tyres and large sized special equipment are processed in different ways. Truck and car’s tyres go through dry wash while oversized tyres are cut and turned into chips. After dry washing and cutting, the tire pieces are sent to the conveyor where the rubber is separated from impurities. These crumbs will later be used to surface children’s and sports grounds, jogging tracks and tennis courts.

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