Olympian Simone Biles Is Adorably Out of Her Mind After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s hard to resist those viral videos of people talking complete nonsense after being drugged up for dental procedures. It’s even harder to resist when a celebrity is featured in one.

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, 20, had her wisdom teeth removed and a loved one captured the aftermath for posterity — as well as for the amusement of the internet. And amusing it was, as she maybe thought she was behind the wheel of a car with her arms flapping all over the place.

While she didn’t attempt any of her crazy acrobatics (luckily!), she was waving her arms back and forth while kinda humming and even gave a “beep beep.” This all went down while she had a surgical napkin in her mouth.

Leading up to her sharing the video, Biles teased that it was coming. She posted a photo of herself and her sister Adria, writing, “wisdom teeth = gone  ps I have a funny video to share with y’all ! haha.” Ha ha, indeed.

People have long been sharing these types of videos (you can thank “David After the Dentist” from way back in 2008) and celebs have been getting in the action. In May, Julianne Hough shared something similar.

And here’s an old gem from Justin Bieber in 2015.

Though we’ll says Biles wins — again.

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